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Measurements: 5x8ft

Location: Outdoors - grass or hard surfaces

Design: Send us your design or let us help you create your own personalized advertisement


How To Order

Step 1: Select Date

Dates and times may depend on approval from your municipality. Click here to understand the different regulations for surrounding municipalities. We will obtain permit on your behalf.

Step 2: Permission from Landlord

Obtain permission from your landlord for a mobile sign rental. If required by your municipality (see External link opens in new tab or windowhere), submit a letter of approvaI from your landlord to obtain permit. Downloadable Letter of Permission Form located below if needed.

Step 3: Create Message

Email us your Mobile Print Sign design or let us help you create your custom advertisement! If we are to design your Mobile Print Sign, please send us your logo, an image you may want to include that you currently use in advertising (if you do not have one, we can source an image based on your direction), and your message. We will create a proof and send it back to you for approval.


Letter of Permission (downloadable form)

Letter of Permission 80.5KB